I don’t know how much this next person will like me writing about him, but that doesn’t matter, he’s getting a story.

My brother and I were raised almost as twins since we were born only a year and a few months apart. Our mom says we were the only kids who fought over who got to seat in the middle seat in the car because we had to fight about something. He was always one grade higher than me at school, which sometimes worked to my advantage, sometimes not so much. My brother is very smart, so some teachers thought, this one has to be smart too when I was in their class. It was bad when teachers didn’t like him that much for being kind of a smart ass (don’t get mad, you kinda are sometimes), but I’m not a smart ass at all, I very rarely spoke up in class.

After high school, I ended up going to the same college as him, which at first I didn’t know if he would be happy about or if he felt like I was chasing him. I wasn’t and we ended up having a great time at college, he introduced me to a lot of people, and some of them became my close friends. I don’t know about him but I had a great time having him as one of my closest friends in college.

When the moment to graduate was coming in 2012 and I got hit by that taxi, he was the first member of my family to find out, the first one at the hospital, the one who had to call the rest of my family, and the one who had to make all those difficult decisions at the hospital. I don’t know how he did it, but he made all the right calls and I will always thank him for this.

Not only was he there that night, while I was in the hospital, when I was in the rehab center, when I was in my aunt’s house, when I went back for the last surgery, and when I came back home. He has always been here to help, he has quickly responded and helped when I’ve had seizures, he trusts me to babysit his dog, which I would do even if he didn’t ask me, and he drives me to work every time I need a ride.

I don’t know how to thank my brother, except for being available to take care of Robin (his dog) any time he needs me to, and anything else he needs.I’m glad he’s my brother and I love him very much.

*By the way, he designed the header image on my blog, he’s also a great illustrator and graphic designer.






3 thoughts on “My brother

  1. wow, God bless you and your brother. This is very inspiring and beautiful. I am so touched by this post i am tearing up not because I’m sad but happy that you got such irreplaceable brother that some of us will never have. All the best.

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