I have two other aunts I haven’t thanked yet, the one I will talk about today comes to visit us in Puerto Rico about once or twice a year, and every time she comes she has a new adventure up her sleeve. This one is the one who took me on the artsy hike earlier this summer, and she’s probably already planning something else to do next time she comes.

She is always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. When my brother and I were at Syracuse, we were always invited to her house in Virginia to spend spring break, where we had home cooked meals and we were taken anywhere we wanted. She enjoyed having me around to have another girl in the house, to go shopping or to go to the movies with.

When I needed my family, she met my other aunt (her blog post is coming tomorrow) around Philly and they drove to Syracuse together. While they were there, they did mine and my brother’s laundry and and all three of my aunts cleaned our house, which they say was a pigsty. I don’t know if our apartment was really that dirty because I don’t remember.

When I was awake she cooked the food she heard I wanted to eat. I could barely eat at that time, yet I wanted to eat rice and beans, so she made them for me. She was there, she went to visit me at my other aunt’s house, she brought my cousins to see me at the hospital, and she has always made sure I’m ok.

Thank you Titi Marta, I love you


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