Today I want to thank about the last one of my aunts, she is last, but not least. She is my godmother and I had the honor of being the flower girl at her wedding. I think I was the only flower girl who didn’t understand that I had to throw the flowers as I walked, I just walked. 


Just like Titi Margo and Titi Marta, she has always been a very important part of my life, always being there and always being happy to see me, even though we don’t see each other too often. While my brother and I were in college we were always invited to her house in Thanksgiving to an amazing Thanksgiving dinner and a great Thanksgiving vacation with our youngest cousins.

As I said yesterday, she was the one who drove with Titi Marta all the way to Syracuse, after my accident and they helped clean our apartment and do our laundry. Later that summer, when I was awake but not ready to come home, she and my uncle, tio Rubén,  let us stay in their house for a month while we waited for my last surgery.

My mom says she came home from work everyday and cooked dinner for everyone in the house and she didn’t complain about us being there. Sometimes it was just my mom and me, other times one or both of my other aunts were there, or José, or my brother. My uncle even helped by giving me some physical therapy he knew from when he had knee surgery. They all helped so I wouldn’t undo any improvement I had made at the rehab center.

It was a difficult summer and I am really thankful they gave us a place to stay. It was a lot of people in her house but my aunt and uncle never complained, they were there for my mom and me when we needed them.

I had not seen them for three years, until two weeks ago when they all came to visit. I was really exited to see them, and I hope they all know how much I love them, missed them and thank them for letting me stay with them at that horrible moment.




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