Today let’s talk about two people; Susie and Carlos, my manager and my motivator.  These two have been in my life for about 16 years, since they have been friends with my mom. Susie and Carlos have become part of our family, joining my family during holidays and birthdays, and we are always there for each other, just like a family.

Since day one, after my accident, Carlos was always telling me You should write about this. I had always thought about it, until one day what he said really hit me and I understood that I could do this. Ever since I started he has always told me he likes my writing and keeps motivating me.

Susie has always helped in any way she can, she gave me a job during the summer of 2015. Susie got me my job earlier in 2016. She pushes me to work hard because she knows I can, she recommended me for a job because she knew I could do it. Susie shares my blog, helps me improve and is my manager.

Susie and Carlos have seen me overcome my TBI and epilepsy, they saw me when I got home and they see me today. They have always treated me the same way, always said that I can do it, have always been there when I need help. They have gone from being my mom’s friends, to being my friends too.

They have both shared my blog posts with friends and helped me share my writing and I know both will always be there for me, to have a good time, or during sad moments. People like them are more than friends, they’re family.

Susie and Carlos, I’m very happy to have you both in my life. I love you guys! If you ever need anything, you don’t have to ask.

Love you!





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