Summer is coming to an end and just like every other summer in Puerto Rico, it’s painfully hot. But as we get closer and closer to August, life starts to get real again, people go back to work, and a new school year starts. 

My family and I decided to enjoy the little time of the summer there’s left and just come to the beach, which was our original plan, but things changed. Then at the very last minute, things changed again and they tell me get ready, we’re going to the beach house. 

WHAT? No, you said we were staying. 

Things changed. I didn’t like it because I don’t like when things change just like that. Give me time to process this. They asked me if I wanted to go but I just didn’t know. 

I had already done my daily workout, swimming 30 laps at the pool, so I was tired and now I had to pack my bags and sit in the car for two hours? I couldn’t wrap my head around that. I thought about it, then I thought about it again, it is the last weekend we could come; my mom starts working next week. I couldn’t say no without sounding really immature and selfish, and I would probably regret my decision later. 

So we came, we got here at like 10 p.m., but we’re here and I’m happy with my decision. A year or two ago I wouldn’t have come, I would have told them you said we’re re not going so we’re not going. 

Small decisions like this show me how much I have changed and grown in the last few years. I am very proud of myself. 


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