Day 3, but i’ve been working out everyday since Monday so really it’s day 4, and I’m feeling it. Not the work, the pain. I am so tired and I can’t believe tomorrow I have to go again.

Why do I do this?

Well, I said on my blog so I don’t want to be a wimp and give up. I didn’t write yesterday but that doesn’t mean I didn’t keep my promise, I was just too tired to write. But why did I decide to do this? I want to be healthy and in good shape, right. But the problem is I don’t have that much energy when I get there, I always say I’m going to take it easy today, but then I start doing cardio. That’s when the problem begins, I focus on doing one mile, or two miles on the elliptical and then running.

It’s not really a problem because focusing on the miles means I do a longer workout; Instead of just doing twenty minutes before and after the workout I’m doing 25 or 30 minutes, before and after.That is a lot better for me, both because I’m getting a better workout and because of what I wrote last month in Run for your neurons.

I hope that this decision I made about working out more will also help me in the class I will start taking next month. Maybe this can help retain more information and understand it better. If it does, I will start to run more.


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