This summer’s last long weekend sadly ended today, and it was a very good long weekend. Apart from spending a great weekend at the beach with my family (Summer ends, things change), we come home still not ready to face reality.

We were forced to face reality this morning, before we came back home, as we saw ANOTHER mass shooting in the news. This shooting took place in Florida again, this time at a club hosting a Swimsuit Glow Party, which was open to kids 12-17 years old, yet no identification was required to enter. It was supposed to be a safe environment, but two boys, 12 and 18 years old, were killed. 16 others, ages 12 to 27, were injured.

Facing this, day after day makes me very sad. It makes me feel like were not safe anywhere. When will this end? Why is nothing being done? Why is everyone going around carrying guns? Why do only some people go to jail and others don’t? What happened to all the people fighting for gun control? Where did that go?



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