That’s it, I don’t want to worry about my size anymore. I have been worried because I have been trying to fit into clothes that just don’t fit me anymore, they were small sizes I could fit into when I was too skinny after my accident. I’m tired about feeling ashamed of my body just because I don’t fit into my size 0 pant’s anymore. Maybe it’s because I discovered mofongo a few month’s ago or maybe it’s because I’m not 20 anymore, but I don’t care; if the clothes don’t fit me anymore I will stop trying to fit into them. I went up a size, and I don’t want to focus  on sizes because they are always changing, in one store I fit into one size I don’t fit into in other stores.

Fitting into a certain size doesn’t matter because that it always changing. I thought they only changed it a little bit but after reading A Brief History of Women’s Clothing Sizes—and Why You Just Went Up a Size and The Bizarre History of Women’s Clothing Sizes, it looks like it’s a lot so I’m done trying to fit into a certain size. I just want to fit into what looks good and what I like.

My mom and I decided that we will try on our clothes, and if it doesn’t fit, it’s going away. We got this idea after reading Getting Rid Of Clothes I Hated Helped Me Love My Body. We want to do the same thing and stop feeling bad for not fitting into a certain size.

I’m still taking me 5 days a week gym challenge seriously because I want to be healthy but I won’t starve just to fit into pants that are too small or try to fit into pants that just don’t fit.The summer is almost over and I have spent this summer trying to feel better about myself (happens every summer), I just hope I can keep working on these decisions I’ve made this summer, after the summer is over.


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