For the first time in over a year I have no idea what to write on my blog, I don’t know if it’s the politics in television (which I do not want to write about) or the fact that I’m just too used to the relaxing summer and I want to enjoy the end of it. This relaxation ends next week when my mom, who is always my loyal companion during school’s summer vacation, starts teaching again. Next week we go back to our routine, which is not so much fun as going to the beach almost every week.

It’s been fun and it’s sad that it can’t last the whole year. Pretty soon I’ll star the class I talked about earlier this summer, and I hope to still make time to go to the gym. This is the second week of my plan to workout more and so far I have been doing pretty well. Last week I worked out 5 days in a row, this week has been three, and I’ll be happy if I at least make it to four days.




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