After waiting for a really long time, like four days, I finally met my new nephew. My aunt rescued the cute little thing from a gas station near her office.

As soon as she saw him she called my brother and asked him if he would take the dog. My brother quickly said yes; he had already been thinking about adopting another dog to keep Robin company.

Before giving my brother the dog, he was taken to the vet to make sure he was ok and to get all his shots. They got him food, toys, a food and water bowl, a harness, and anything he needs. My brother was all set with his two dogs, except he didn’t have a name. After thinking about a name that would be easy for the tog to respond to, he decided to call him Lego, his favorite toy growing up.

Lego seems to like his new home, owner and brother, even though he has a completely different personality. While Robin  is a hyperactive dog, he has to be where the people are, needs to get attention and loves running around; Lego is a very relaxed dog. He does not run around life crazy Robin but like other dogs he does like attention and wants to be with people. I think they’re becoming friends as I saw they’re interactions with a new toy Lego was playing with. Lego was playing with the toy and Robin wanted to have it, because if someone else has something, he obviously wants it. With their short attention span, Robing would quickly forget about it when he heard the smallest sound, so Lego would move on. Then Lego would gently put it on the ground to come back to it later while he went to look at something else, and while he was away Robin would grab the toy. Of course Lego came back and found Robin playing with his toy and that’s when the fight would start.

I didn’t know if it was a game or serious but I didn’t want anyone to get hurt so I tried to pull them apart, until my brother told me to just let them be. It still stressed me out to see them barking at each other but I’m not their owner.

In the end I think this will be good for them; it will be good for Robin to have a friend and have someone to play with and Lego looks so happy to have a home. He was wagging his tail a lot and my brother said he’s been eating a lot, he must have been so hungry.

Let’s see how it goes when it’s my turn to dog sit both of them.




5 thoughts on “Meet Lego

  1. Welcome to the family, Lego! I was so excited when your Grandma told me about Lego. Dogs are very social creatures. They need company.

    Now Robin won’t be alone when his Dad is working and Lego has a a good and safe home and a family that cares for him instead of an uncertain life on the streets. And he’s so cute! He reminds me of my very first dog, Boxi.

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