Meet Lego

After waiting for a really long time, like four days, I finally met my new nephew. My aunt rescued the cute little thing from a gas station near her office. As soon as she saw him she called my brother and asked him if he would take the dog. My brother quickly said yes; he … Continue reading Meet Lego

¿Dónde está Robin Hood?

Otro fondo de pensiones que se agota ¿De verdad?  En vez de ayudar a la crisis económica, como buenos Cristianos, los maestros de escuelas católicas se quedan sin pensión.  ¿En qué gastaron ese dinero que le habían prometido a estos maestros que yo veo todos los días fajados para darte una buena educación para los … Continue reading ¿Dónde está Robin Hood?

Robin went home

I woke up very tired today, I didn’t want to do anything, but I had told myself I would clean today. The apartment smelled like dog, and it hurt because the dog wasn’t here anymore, he went home with his master yesterday. I thought cleaning and getting the smell out would make it all normal, … Continue reading Robin went home