So, four swimmers in the U.S. Olympic team lied about being robbed at gun point in Rio and the International Olympic Committee said they were there to have fun, give them a break? Aren’t they there to represent their country in a civilized manner? Aren’t they supposed to follow rules just like they would anywhere else at any moment? 

They were not competing at that moment but they were still representing their country and even if they were in their own country that’s unacceptable behavior. No matter where they were that was unacceptable and just because they are Olympians doesn’t mean they can go around doing whatever they want and get away with it. On the contrary, they are representing their country, they should be well behaved and show respect to the country they are in.

They cannot let them just get away with this just because they’re white boys with money. If it were anybody else from any other country they would have to pay, but the white boy just got on a plane and went home. Anybody else would have to face consequences and they should too.


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