I started working at 8:30 this morning at another press conference which was fun because I got to work at the entrance asking people to sign in, this made me feel powerful. I don’t know if I took my job way too seriously but I felt like a bouncer when I had to tell people that they had to sign in, it was a private event, and they could not just walk in and eat the food.

I doubted whether I could do it or not when my boss gave me my task, sometimes I get intimidated by new people for no reason at all. But I did it, every person that walked in signed in and I left unwanted people out. I didn’t have to be intimidating or mean, I was actually very polite and nice and I even apologized for asking the people who were going to eat our food to leave. I didn’t like doing that, the little boy whose mom I had to tell they couldn’t eat, was so excited when he saw the food; he ran to the table when he saw the food.

After my pretty successful morning being a bouncer at the press conference I had a doctor’s appointment, which also went really well. I think I was able to give my doctor good news by telling her that I got three months’ worth of medicine and that next week I start a class.

When I got home I quickly changed and went to the gym for another X-Bike class. Today I was a lot more comfortable, I knew what I was facing and my legs don’t feel like they did last time. Last week my legs really hurt, even when I was sitting and laying down, but today they don’t. I don’t feel like running or walking a lot, but I’m ok and I’m glad I went again. I think I will be ok going every week and, I’m not sure yet so don’t quote me on this, but maybe more than once a week. Maybe I’m not feeling the pain now, maybe I will feel it tomorrow, but I’ll survive.

My mistake was telling the teacher that it wasn’t that bad this week, that he went easy on us today. He said he didn’t try to go easy on us but he will make it worse next week; that’s ok because next week I can’t go on Tuesday, but I feel bad for the others in the class and I hope he doesn’t take it out on them next Tuesday.

I feel good because even though I did a lot today and it was a long day, I don’t really feel that tired. I hope I can keep this energy going so I can keep this up every week.


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