I came home this afternoon having just purchased a lounge chair for my room. I set it up, showed off my new chair to my family, told them how I built it when it really came already built. After I had my new decoration in my room I remembered I have been saying for months I want to reorganize my closet. On one side of my closet I keep all my shirts, on the other side I keep all my pants, long and short, dresses, and skirts but I wanted to change this because under my dresses and pants I have a drawer case that goes up to my dresses and pants and makes them all curl up on the bottom. On the other side I have boxes but they are at a lower height than the drawers.

I decided my closet needed a new look too, the shirts had to switch sides with the pant, dresses, and skirts, and I started to do this. Just as I was making a mess in my room with boxes, clothes and clothe hangers all over the place, I noticed the walls on one side of the closet were full of mold; I didn’t check the other side, I’ll deal with that next time I get the impulse to organize my closet. So I get a bucket I had sitting in my room, put water and Palmolive on it and started washing the mold off the walls. I was glad to see it came out pretty easily, but now that I was cleaning I noticed the floor was dirty too, so I cleaned that. Now this reorganization was turning into a whole cleaning operation.

When everything was clean I got back to organizing; I started with the shirts, and everything seemed pretty easy, I didn’t move some because there wasn’t much room left. Then I went on to the dresses, organizing them by color, I don’t know how much they will last because I don’t think I’m going to have the patience to be that organized. Then the same thing with the pants and before I knew it I was organizing the boxes on the floor under the closet and I was done, or so I thought.

I wasn’t done, I have this shoe organizer that hangs from my closet, which I had taken out of the closet while I organized it and I put all my clothes in and forgot to leave space for my shoe organizer. It wouldn’t fit anywhere and for a second I thought Now I’m going to have to put everything back where it was so this will fit. I didn’t have to do that but I had to accept that there are some shirts that are just too old, I couldn’t get rid of all of them, so I just threw them in one of those drawers the just might explode if I keep trying to fit clothes in them.

But my closet looks a lot better now, it all looks new. I’m going to have trouble finding things now until I get used to this, but if I can give any advice from this experience it would be this: Don’t say you’re going to re-organize you closet or anything when it’s 5 p.m., you are going to freak out and re-think everything half way through and when you finish the closet, there will still be stuff all over your room. This is something you do in the morning, with the whole day ahead of you.

I still need to find a place to put a lot of stuff, it’s just laying there, on the floor or on my bed, just looking at me and reminding me I have to put it away before I go to sleep.


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