For the last like three weeks I have been going to the X-Bike class I talked about the first time I went and it’s going pretty well. I’m getting used to it and the people in the class as well as the teacher, are all really nice. I don’t feel intimidated anymore, but today there were more people in the class and that made hearing the teacher’s instructions a little harder and difficult to ask her to repeat. 

Since there were more people, there was more talking and more noise from the bicycles; this and the music made it difficult, at least for me, to hear what we had to do. I couldn’t ask her to repeat what she said most of the time because she was helping the new people who needed more help than me since they were new. I just tried to look at what the others were doing. It wasn’t that hard to follow because it was riding a stationary bike, but I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to go faster, slower or what we had to do when the music changed.

I was sometimes afraid to ask because everyone looked like they knew what they were doing, maybe they were also guessing or maybe they could actually hear everything she was saying. I don’t know, maybe I just have to try harder to pay attention. I didn’t like being lost and I don’t want to be the one that’s  lost; I mean, I have been going to this class for almost a month now. It’s not like I’m taking a class for credits so being confused doesn’t matter that much and I don’t want anyone to treat me different, but I would like to know if not hearing was just a problem for me or for everyone.

Did this have anything to do with my concentration problems and my needing more time to process information or was this just a problem for everyone? Whatever it was, I want to pay more attention next time because I like taking this class.


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