Today, at the second class the profesor was talking about the 5 questions that all journalists should ask when writing a story, or as I learned in college, the 5w’s of journalism: what, who, where, when, how/why. It’s a journalism class so I knew that was coming sooner or later, but as she was explaining this today, she told us that we should always include that in our writing because we are writing for our readers, not for us. We know that answers to all those questions, but readers don’t, and this got me thinking if I have been including that in my blog posts. Am I providing  readers with the answers to those questions or am I just writing for myself?

I already know the answers to those questions, but my readers don’t. I telling them the story of Unstoppable Maria correctly or am I just assuming they all know what I know? If that’s what I have been doing I’m not blogging correctly because I’m trying to share the story of what happens to Unstoppable Maria, you guys don’t know.

I was thinking about all of this when she started talking about her students when they write blogs for class, I got distracted worried about my own blog and getting distracted is never good, especially when you already have trouble concentrating. I hope I have been giving you enough information and I will keep working on this. I do not just do this for fun, I also want this to be a tool to keep improving my writing and as practice to be a good journalist.


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