There is always a six pack, an eight pack or more Diet Coke in my house; I drink between one and three every day. Usually I have enough to last the whole week or more. I always have something to drink when I really need the caffeine boost, but today there wasn’t .I usually have my first Diet Coke with lunch, unless for some reason I had a late breakfast, but not today because there weren’t any left in my house when I had lunch. Today I made myself a smoothie and I didn’t even think about it twice or had any problem with this because I wanted to try out the new blender. My smoothie was awesome and I love the new blender, but after I washed the dishes I sat on the couch and my eyes were kind of closing. I felt like just laying down and taking a nap at 3:00 p.m. But then what? Mess up my sleep tonight? I can’t do that, I have to go to sleep at 11 or earlier so I can wake up at 7 or 8 and get 8 hours of sleep. I can’t mess around with that.

I looked in all the places where something with caffeine could be hidden, I read the labels in all the cans on drinks in the fridge; Canada Dry no caffeine, Malta India, I couldn’t find it but I guess that means no, juice no, milk no, soda water no, regular water no. The only think I could of was the crystal light with caffeine I bought two summers ago when I tried to quit soda but I couldn’t find any.

I was desperate. I sat down, tried to think about something else because I had to stay awake. That’s when I remembered there’s a new restaurant downstairs in my building, I could get a soda there. I kept thinking about it, the pros and cons of my idea but I couldn’t make up my mind, I didn’t want to admit to myself that I was that desperate for caffeine.

Finally caffeine won, I put on my shoes, went downstairs, walked into the restaurant for the first time and ordered my diet coke. I think by the look of me; my messy ponytail, gym clothes, sleepy look, not even asking for a table or to see the menu, he assumed I wanted the Diet Coke to go but was nice enough to give me a plastic cup with ice in it.

I managed to make my way, can in one hand, cup on the other, all the way up to my apartment, and not spilling one drop of my soda. And this was all I needed some caffeine to stay awake.


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