A usual Friday, I spent the whole day thinking I would go to the gym after my parents came home from work, but as soon as my mom came home she said she wanted to go to the movies. Going to the movies and sitting in a cold theater sounded like a much better idea than going to the gym and sweating more after being at home all day, trying to find a place to sit near a fan, so I immediately ditched the gym idea and said yes to the movie.

As we thought about what movie to go to we remembered we heard great things about the new Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant movie, Florence Foster Jenkins. Abuela and titi Margo said it was really funny, that everyone was laughing, and after reading some reviews we decided to go.

Everyone was laughing, I had little tears coming out of my eyes and Mami didn’t fall asleep at the movies at night; it was that funny. It’s not obscene, insulting or think too much funny; it’s a very sweet movie, sweet and hilarious. It’s fun, it’s happy, it’s what you look for in a movie to relax and just forget about everything outside.

Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg do a great job. At first I was kinda waiting to hear Mrs. Wallowitz yelling in the background but as the movie went on and Simon got more into character he was no longer nerdy Howard from The Big Bang Theory, he was Cosmé McMoon, the pianist.

Go see it!

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