Today, September 8th, 2016 we celebrate 17 months, seventeen seizure free months .

It’s been one year and 5 months! Only 7 months left to the full two years!!!!

As it turns out my parents wanted to go out to dinner tonight, I didn’t want to because I had been working from home and doing homework all day, so I didn’t wan’t to leave my comfortable chair, but they made me. While we were at dinner I brought up the whole 1 year and 5 months thing which immediately brought smiles to their faces.

It’s incredible how I haven’t even had any fear of seizures recently, I have not had any pre-seizure like feelings or anything.

Really, it’s more than amazing, and not just that, all the things that neurologists are able to do now, from not only having the medicines available to control a lot of different types of seizures, but now they are able to take NeuroImages. These images make a representation of our nervous system.

This is an incredible resource for all epilepsy and other neurological disorder patients and I see a very bright future for all of us.

Thank you technology and thank you neurologists!



2 thoughts on “17 months!

  1. You go, Kiki! There is a God and he loves you and is always looking out for you. And I now my Mom is celebrating with him in heaven.

    I admire you so much, Kiki. You are very strong and positive and that’s key to recovery. Keep going, sweetie. Keep fighting and never, ever give up. We are all VERY proud of you and you are one of my heroes.

    Big kiss to you, all the family, and to my canine grand-nephews Robin & Lego 💁🐾💋❤️🐶

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