You know that quote, every day you learn something new?  Today that quote is definitely talking about me. What did I learn today? I learned how to make a watermark and put it on a photo.

This may seem like something really easy to some people, but I had no idea how to do this, I thought I would need some complicated app. to do this which I don’t have and can’t buy, but everybody’s best friend, savior and know it all was there to save me. With Google and my friend Microsoft, whom I take for granted, I was able to make and put a watermark on one picture. I still have to do this on 10 pictures and the one I used todays isn’t even one that needs a watermark; it was just my lab rat.

I feel very accomplished having been able to learn how to do this, concentrating for so long and not giving up. This took me 5 hours, only taking a break to eat dinner.

When I was told I had to put a watermark on all my photos I used for this project I thought I would need a lot of help, I thought I would have to ask my brother to help me put all the watermarks. I just asked him if he knew how to do it, just in case I couldn’t figure it out, and I asked for his opinion when I finished. His reaction to my work was good so I feel very accomplished and happy I’m done with the hard part; tomorrow or Monday I just have to add that to 10 photos .

I think it’s pretty easy to see but I made it, I know where it is, let’s see if you can find it.




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