Right now I work in public relations, I’m the assistant of a public relations specialist. As part of my job I have to find people to help spread the word about different products or events. Sometimes these people are journalists for newspapers or tv and sometimes they are bloggers.

I had not realized how important bloggers can be, even being one myself; I really didn’t know how much influence we can have on others. Once bloggers have a high number of followers and readers they become a great way for brands to advertise, and I am not talking about selling out or writing stuff just to sell stuff. These brands look for people, or blogs, whose readers would like what they’re selling and can be an a good advocate for the brand. These bloggers don’t only include writers, they can have a blog on Instagram where their blog is based on photos, it can be on Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, or any other form of social media that can help them connect and share ideas with the world. That’s what we want as bloggers, to share our ideas with the world.

By doing this and reaching out to them, I have found so many great blogs and bloggers from right here in Puerto Rico, who I had no idea existed. Blogs about fashion, makeup, food, comedy, politics, life style, to just about anything else you can think of. Some of these have gotten enough followers to be mentioned on newspapers, TV shows; making them blogs almost as famous as a TV show or book.

This is incredible, how we don’t need to wait to get published by someone else, we can just get our writing out there right now. Being a blogger it makes me very happy when I get a reply to an email I sent, full of excitement to be asked to cover a certain story. I know being recognized for your hard work and for your words is a wonderful feeling. That is a writer’s dream, to reach people with your words, whether it is in advertising, teaching, comedy, or a story; at least that’s my dream.



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