Driving again is something that really worries me, I think I’m more scared now than when I was 16; then I was just excited. I wanted the freedom to go where I wanted when I wanted. I do want this again, but I think I will always be scared of having a seizure, especially if I’m driving. This can not only affect me, but other people too, and having been in an accident I know how horrible this is. I don’t want to be in another car accident or cause one.

After reading this I saw that this is not something that only worries me but they answer some of my questions.

Epilepsy and driving


9 thoughts on “Will I be able to drive with epilepsy?

  1. Maria, aside from the driving issue, do you ever experience short-term memory problems? Those affect me quite regularly. It could be a side-effect of my medication or just common for people who have Epilepsy to experience it.


    1. I do, after the TBI I have a lot of memory issues but after I had a seizure it was all very blurry. At first I didn’t remember anything, I didn’t remember I had a seizure. I do remember the last one three years ago.


      1. Maria, I think you had mentioned that you like sharing stories that you hear from some people such as myself regarding having Epilepsy. I cannot recall what post that this was mentioned on, however, I am happy and willing to share my experiences with other people. Do you remember what post this had been mentioned on initially?

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  2. Maria, for what it’s worth, if you are not able to drive independently, at least you won’t have to contend with a lot of issues associated with driving. Here is 1 issue that people who have Epilepsy and cannot safely drive will never need to worry about: 1: No parking and/or speeding tickets. Of course, if public transportation or a taxicab was available, driving would not be an issue or even a necessity.

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      1. Maria, if you don’t mind my asking, I have 3 questions for you: 1: When you were told that you have Epilepsy, were you surprised at all or not really? 2: Do you ever feel isolated and alone in some ways because of your Epilepsy? 3: From the standpoint of natural treatments for Epilepsy, which possibilities have piqued your curiosity?

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        1. Honestly, I didn’t really understand it on believe it at first, nothing really made since at that time and I still couldn’t remember having had any seizures. I didn’t really understand it either so my only concern at that point was that I couldn’t drink anymore.
          I do feel isolated sometimes, but not because I have epilepsy, it’s just everything else that came with the TBI.
          I don’t really know much about natural treatments except for the supplements my neurologist recommended that I take. These are vitamin B6 and Folic Acid.


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