So this is the life of a student? You spend most of the weekend doing homework?

I have three projects due on Tuesday, we have been working on two of them for the last few weeks, only one of them is new, but it has taken me most of last week and most of this weekend and I’m still not done. It’s almost 10:30 and I have to go to sleep soon.

I’m done for today because I know that anything else I do I will have to do again tomorrow, but I’m glad I figured a lot of things out today. I feel a lot more comfortable using Google Maps and streetview; I’m even thinking about using some of these skills for my blog once I really know how to use everything.

But this is all fun, I know I’m studying the right thing because I love all of this, I’m having so much fun doing these projects and I can’t wait for what comes next. I think once you feel this way about what you’re learning, you’re doing the right thing.

The only thing that’s making things a little complicated is the internet connection in my house; it’s slow, sometimes is just doesn’t work, and I’m very frustrated. I could do this much faster if it wasn’t for that internet connection. Today I came to my grandparent’s house and I was able to get a lot done because the internet connection works; I had no problems.

Let’s see if I can finish everything in time.


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