I was at the hospital yesterday for my monthly appointment with the psychiatrist. I had not been there in what feels like and eternity, really it was like a month, but I have been having trouble remembering what floor of the hospital is the psychology office. It was early so I had time to stop in every floor from 6 to 11 until I found it, I knew it was after 5, but there were other people in the elevator. It was easier to ask if anybody knew. and less embarrassing.

When I asked, they all did their best to answer, and I don’t know if it’s just me, but when they heard psychology their faces kinda changed. They started talking to me like they were sorry for me. Some of them started saying there was another building for that, they asked me if I was sure I was in the right building.  I said yes, I was in the right building , I just don’t remember the floor. Finally somebody guessed, they said 9, and it sounded right to me, so I want to the ninth floor.

It was the ninth floor, but when I walked to the receptionists office I just thought about the way they talked to me as soon as I said psychology. Because I was asking for directions and I was looking for psychology, they all looked at me like I had some problem and they were all doctors or at least people who worked there.

When you say psychology people look at you like you’re nuts, they talked to me like I had problems understanding or I was confused about where I was, I just forgot what floor I was looking for. Maybe this wasn’t the case, maybe they were just being nice, but I really felt like they were talking down at me and it wasn’t a nice experience.

But at least they don’t see me lost in other places like when I’m looking for the class room where my class is, or trying to find my way out. I can understand if people think I have a problem there, but I don’t really mind, I get a good cardio workout.

I have to remember I have to go to floor 9 next time I go see my psychiatrist.



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