The power went out in all of Puerto Rico a few hours ago. At first I thought it was just a small power outage where I was, but nope, it was, or is in the whole island. The power company that provides electricity for all of the island had an outage, so no one has power in the island.

This is a huge black out and we have no idea when we will have power again, maybe later today and in a few days, nobody knows. Kids are wishing the power doesn’t come back because class will be canceled, but later they will have to make up those days.

I want the power to come back now because I don’t like living in the dark, it’s hot, I’m already worried about what we’re gonna do for dinner.  This reminds me of the days after a hurricane but at least those times we prepared before hand; everyone gets ready for that buying food, flash lights, batteries, everything you need. Not this time, this happened without warning, the power just went out.

Right now I’m somewhere with a generator so I can write now, but when I leave I wont have an internet connection or electricity, just like a hurricane but without rain or wind.

But all this happened after my appointment with the neurologist, which I had really been looking forward to. I was looking forward to this appointment, as I usually am because I had good news for my neurologist. This time it was double good news: 1. I have been seizure free for a little over one year and five months 2: I received the first three months of my anti epilepsy medicine. He was very happy about all this, only gave me advice to let the medicine company know ahead of time when I needed the next three months because sometimes it takes a while.

After I left the doctor’s office, is when the power went out in all of Puerto Rico.


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