I got the permission slip for my professor to sign, allowing me to record the class. I thought that was it, after she signed it I would be able to record the class; maybe she would say I needed the rest of the student’s signatures too, but they’re all very nice, I think they would have signed.

I talked to her before class started so I could ask her to sign, but things didn’t go as well as I planned. She told me I should have done that at the beginning of the semester, like we had talked about and I couldn’t just do it now. I didn’t know what to say, that was not the reaction I had expected; my advisor never told me it was too late to ask now. I also told the professor I hadn’t done anything because I thought I would be fine, but I was getting lost and was missing assignments she gave us. I was told we would talk about it after class and I couldn’t record the class yesterday. We went inside, she started the class and that was it.

I was furious and I’m pretty sure she could see it in my face; I sit in the very front so she could see my face and knew how angry I was, but I didn’t say another word. Class went on as usual, she talked, I took notes, and then we split out into our groups for the final exam.

When she discussed our homework for next week I did my best to write everything down, I think I wrote down the assignments a few times on the page. As I wasn’t able to record it, I asked the professor if what I wrote down was right. I also asked her about what I could do about recording the class and this time I was told I could record the next class.

I’m not really sure what brought this change and I don’t know if that just goes for next class or for the rest of the semester, but it’s my right, I have permission from the university and that should be respected. I just want my rights and what I deserve to be respected.

I do have to mention that yesterday I found out that I got a good grade on the exam, I got an A! So I am learning, but I don’t want my attention and retention problems to have a negative effect on this.


One thought on “What happened to my rights?

  1. Your teacher is not aware of student’s rights, nor she is aware of legal consequences of her behavior. It is the responsibility of the University to train their Faculty on these issues. I am so sorry this is happening to you, because I know what you have gone through. You deserve the unlimited access to your education. Talk to your Academic Dean, and suggest her to program faculty development activities on learning differences and disability awareness. It is not only knowing about the Laws and rights of students, it is a matter of being responsive to these differences.

    Wish you success! God bless you!


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