When you have a metal plate (at least I think that’s what it is, please correct me if  I’m wrong) in your arm, you think you’re invincible. That makes you kind of a robot and it wont hurt because part of my arm is not bone, right?

I keep learning how wrong I was about that once or twice a year. Besides, my shoulder is still bone so that can still hurt.This time, I don’t think, I know I did something wrong at the gym and to make it worse I slept on top of that arm. I’m using IcyHot- Power Gel (it’s cheaper than BENGAY and there’s no mess) to help make it feel better but it still hurts and the small dose of Tylenol I can take. Even hanging my purse from that arm hurts, and I’m still not even completely sure it’s that metal plate, maybe I just sprained my shoulder, but it is my right shoulder.

I don’t think being on the computer all day helps my shoulder/arm a lot, but I have to do homework and some stuff for work so I can’t avoid it. But I have stayed clear of the gym, I don’t want to make it worse. It hasn’t bothered me while I sleep so that’s good, and there was a moment today when I didn’t feel anything so I thought I was better. I was wrong, it’s not better ; in fact, I think I’m gonna carry the Icy HotPower Gel in my purse and just use if any time it hurts. I don’t care what people say, my arm hurts. It hurt from my shoulder to my elbow.

I hope that piece of metal I have in there is ok. I don’t want another surgery.

P.S. If I don’t move my arm it doesn’t hurt, so I should stop typing.



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