I can’t ignore what is happening right now. Everywhere I look, there he is, there are his words, there is the world terrified, just like I am. I don’t want to give him more glory by writing about it, but I just can’t ignore it. 

How did this happen? I thought we had this, I thought she had this. I just don’t want to believe that there are people who agree with and think like him. I know he lost the popular vote, but Hillary should have won that one by a lot more. She should have won everything.

I’m just sitting here and I keep reading and seeing stuff that just make me look at the world in a whole different way. I’m a positive person, I look on the bright side and try to find the good in people, but people have let me down.

I get that you want to vote for the independent candidates because I did just that here in Puerto Rico, but our voting for the independent candidates sent a message to the major parties that they are doing it all wrong. The two independent candidates got more votes than two of the smaller parties, and those two candidates together could probably take it next time if they work together.

But voting for independent candidates for governor isn’t the same thing as voting for independent candidates for president. I know people say the didn’t like Hillary, but what didn’t you like? Her preparation? Experience? The fact that she doesn’t give up? Or that she’s a woman?

If either one of those is your reason for voting for another candidate, not voting at all, or voting for that monster, I want to thank you very much for the horror you have unleashed. I just pray that the Electoral College think this over and undo this disaster by December 19, they are our only hope.


There, I said it. Now let’s be thankful that we’re alive and well and this will be over, everything happens for a reason. Something good will come out of this. Don’t worry, be happy, it will all be ok.


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