First, I’ve had about all I can take in politics, that’s enough for now.

I was ready to relax, meaning get to work on my final project. I was happy because we were assigned a group project and three heads are better that one, except when the two other heads leave your head out. My team mates have been making decisions between them, making me the third wheel. Apart from being very rude and annoying, being the third wheel makes things a lot more complicated for me. I can’t find out about a group meeting at the last minute because unlike them, I can’t drive. They know this, I told them at our last group meeting and they told me they understand, just like I understand they are busy during the day because they work.

They can’t say I’m not doing my part because I am. I told them on time I wouldn’t be here last week but they could call me when they met two weeks ago. I wasn’t called and they did the assignment by themselves, yet when they sent me what the two of them had done, I saw that they had not finished it. I finished it; I don’t know if they didn’t finish so I would, but they should have told me. I think it’s fair to tell me you want me to do this because I wasn’t here to do the rest, but tell me; don’t just expect me to do it. What if I was the kind of person who just wouldn’t do it? What would you have done them?

And today? I have been waiting all day for a text or a call, some signal of any kind to tell me at what time we were meeting today, like THEY told me THEY decided yesterday. THEY, not us. They knew I didn’t have a ride anywhere and I even offered my house so we could meet, but no sign from either one of them until about 3:30, when they tell me they decided we’re not going to do anything today. They call each other but no one calls or texts me.

Sometimes I feel like the odd one out but I thought that was me being paranoid, but this time it’s not paranoia, I’m really the odd one out. I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t do my bachelor’s here at the University of Puerto Rico and they did,  or because they are both in another class that meets Wednesdays and I’m not, or they just don’t like me, or anything to do with what happened to me. I don’t get any of those reasons because we are all adults, we are a group and all our grades depend on this. We need to work together, whether we like each other or not.


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