We’re almost done with the multimedia story. It took us more than 3 and a half, almost four hours today, and were not done yet. I don’t know how long it will take tomorrow but I think the most difficult parts are done. I don’t really know because I still haven’t been able to do much of my part, which is pretty much just putting the project together online and fact checking some of the stuff.

I thought we had a lot more freedom to do our own thing with the project, be creative and have fun, but I found out today that we really don’t and that sucks because I had some great ideas. I guess I just have to hold on to those ideas because I was also thinking about doing some stuff for this blog, which I plan to start working on after we hand in the project tomorrow.

I hope we can each finish the project and hand it in on time. After 6:00 p.m. tomorrow I will be on holiday season mode. After that my only worry will be hearing back from the few jobs I have applied to and trying to send more job applications, and Christmas shopping.

Please give us all your best wishes to help us finish this in time and do a good job.



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