Today I spent a little more than 3 hour working and freezing in a very crowded Starbucks. It looked more like a school library or study room than a coffee shop. Every group had at least one computer for the whole group, at most one per person, like us.

When my whole group was there, all three of us, we got to work looking for a site were we could set up and publish our multimedia story. After trying several sites, we were able to find one called Readymag, which so far seems to work for us.

My other two team members seem to have the tougher part of the project, since they are doing the work for two courses. They are working on the writing and video that goes into our multimedia story. I told them I would figure our the website, which is pretty simple once you sit down and work with it.

As frustrated and ready for this to be over as we are, we are confident that we will do a good job. I don’t know if it’s the fact that we work well together, we agree on the ideas or that we are all committed to the project, but we are all sure that we will do a good job. I just hope we are not too confident and do something that is not good enough. Once we were all on the same page and started really communicating, our project really started going somewhere, I just hope were going in the right direction.

Now I really want to add some of these multimedia stories into my blog, but first I need to finish the project, which is due on Tuesday and tomorrow is our third and last interview. Hopefully tomorrow out project can really start taking form when we start putting the parts together.


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