I’m thankful for my family, my friends, the opportunities I’ve been given, and for being here today. Thank you all for reading and being a part of my journey to be a writer. I’m thankful for the process I have been through, for making me the woman I am today and for everyone who has been there with me. I’m thankful for everyone hanging on with me as I pursue my dream even through the difficult times.

Now I would like to make an announcement to everyone who celebrates Christmas: it is now ok to start decorating. Bring on the trees, lights, decorations, Santa, nativity sets, everything. Now it’s time for the music, food and all de holiday spirit.

I just wish that we can all celebrate this holiday season with our family, friends and other loved ones in peace. I know that it can be a hard time, but let’s all try to enjoy it, bring happiness to others. Let’s all enjoy this time, happy and nice to others. Maybe we can keep this going for the rest of the year if we start now.

And please be kind on Black Friday, a large TV on sale isn’t worth a fight. Now, let Christmas time begin!



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