It’s December, the holiday season started last week, my house is decorated, I have to go to my grandparents’ house to help them decorate and as happy as I am about this, I still spend the days leading up to Christmas stressed, looking for a job. I spent all morning writing an email with some examples of my writing, just to find out I didn’t include my resume. But don’t worry I just sent it again, with my resume.

When I finished doing that I went on to look for more jobs; this kept me entertained until lunch time. After I took a well deserved lunch break I went back to the job search, filling out and sending a few more applications, one of which I remember sending before. They never called me so that really got my hopes up!

I have been able to apply for jobs that really interest me, one of which would be writing, exactly what I have been looking for! Others are not writing jobs but are jobs, which is also what I’m looking for! Still nothing, but I can’t get too anxious, I just applied today and it’s Friday.

This holiday season with no job will be tough, I really can’t promise presents for anyone because I still have to pay loans this month and I do not want to take money from my savings, at least not yet. I still haven’t recovered from using money for my computer and the University course.

But, apart from this, it’s the holiday season, IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME! Time to decorate, time to celebrate with friends and family, time for lechón, arroz con gandules, coquito (sin Ron), music, parties and time to be happy and celebrate all the good things in life.

Let’s be happy and thankful and bring this happiness on to January, to 2017.

3 thoughts on “Christmas without a job

  1. Maria – stay positive! There are many companies looking to fill positions before the end of the year, hopefully the offers will be rolling in for you soon. I’m going into my third month of job searching myself.

    Recently I’ve come to the conclusion that job searching is a lot like dating – in fact I wrote a blog post about it.

    Maybe you can relate!

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