I have had a lot of fun today reading some of the stories I wrote for class in college, a lot of which I had forgotten, some are true events, other’s are fiction and others I think may be based on true events. I chose my favorites, which I want to share with my readers.

This first one is a true story, the she is me and this happened while I was studying abroad one summer.

She heard the alarm on her phone going off for about the fifth time that morning.  She had already reached the point where she ignored and didn’t even bother to hit the snooze button anymore, that cut into her sleeping time.  Her roommate, who was already awake and getting ready to go to her internship, did not share her same ability to ignore that constant and high pitched beeping.  She realized this when she felt her roommates pillow hit her head. The laughter this provoked in both girls made her finally raise her head from her own pillow.  With more aim and energy than she knew she had that early in the morning she threw her roommate, who was sitting on her bad across the room, her pillow back.  It hit her right in the face.  As their laughter grew stronger her roommate said, “I thought you were waking up early to go running”.  She remembered making that statement, but was quickly regretting it and wondering why she would ever even attempt to wake up hours before she had to.  But she remembered she didn’t want to waste all day in bed, especially on a beautiful summer day.  As her roommate gathered her stuff and left for her internship she put on her t-shirt, running shorts and shoes, grabbed her iPod and house keys and left before she had time to regret her decision and climb back in to bed.  As she left the building she walked to the left, down the same street she took every day on her way to the metro.  As much as she felt like exploring, she didn’t want to take any unknown streets and get lost in this new city.

She ran past the bakery, the little park on the corner, the benches which were usually occupied by happy couples.  She ran past the metro station and toward the main avenue, staring at all the people she passed: The business people, tourists, students, and citizens, running errands or simply taking a walk around the city.  She finally got to the stadium, which was her goal for the day.  She stood in front of it, just staring at it.  Maybe if she stared at it for long enough it would finally sink in that she was actually here.  The thousands of dollars she spent, seven hour trip, jet lag, delicious food, the different way people spoke, the tour of the city or the new people she had met hadn’t really done it yet.  She didn’t know if this would do it but it was worth the try.  It was also the first thing on her long list of things she wanted to see while she was here.  She only had six weeks so she had to get started.  After a few minutes of standing in the middle of the street she realized she was the only person standing still.  She was in a major city after all.  She fit in better with the rest of the people when she was running, so she ran back the same way she had, happy to have accomplished something before 12pm, something she would have never done back home.

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