Last night my parents told me they wanted to get me a dog for Christmas. I was not expecting that, I didn’t think they wanted a dog, but they wanted to give me some responsibility  and some company so they decided to get me a dog for Christmas.
I was so excited I started thinking about dog names but couldn’t decide so I thought, It’ll just come up with a name when I get the dog and I still didn’t know when I would be getting the dog. I thought it would be later in December, so I still had time to find a good name.

This morning, they told me we were going to my stepdad’s cousin’s house to look at the 7 puppies her dog had given birth to. All 7 puppies were adorable! If I had the time, space and money to take them home with me I would have taken all of them. I could only take one, so we brought two home, one for me and one for Jose.

It was hard to choose at first, they were so many and they were all so cute, but they told me  to try to pick them up and the one that feels right, that will be the one. The first one I picked up just stayed in my arms, it felt natural. I tried picking up a few more but they just wanted to get away from me so I was sure that it was #1, who I named Sandy. Jose picked his puppy who also just stayed in his arms when he picked her up, he named her Indy. Today we welcomed into our family Sandy and Indy.





They are so cute and they are great puppies, they sleep a lot because they are puppies, I hear that’s what puppies do. Both of them slept most of the way home and most of the time we were at PetSmart getting food, toys, etc. They played for a little while  once we got home, they ate, drank water, peed, pooped , and went back to sleep.


They have not left each other’s sight. We made the right decision bringing two home, instead of just one; one would be lonely and bored. I’m happy to have two happy puppies in my house, it makes all of us happy, gives me responsibility, and they are just so adorable. I’m in love with those two!




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