I was so happy about my new puppies yesterday that I forgot to mention something else. At about 3 p.m I got the news that the final grade for the class I just took was posted. I had almost forgotten that I was waiting for that, but one of my fellow group members sent us a message.

I am very proud and happy to say that I got an


I am so happy I was able to survive and earn a good passing grade. I did everything I was supposed to, I payed attention in class, sometimes I needed reminders about some assignments but we all got confused about the assignments. After I did the assignments the professor never asked for a lot of them and just said, well you learned how to make in infographic (I learned that as an undergrad, but that’s ok).

I can’t complain because I got an A! I also learned a lot of other skills, like using  Google Maps, making a time-line, watermarking photographs, learned some tricks to do research and telling stories about the life of a person and an event.


I did it!!!


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