While I’m still not getting any job offers or responses from the millions of jobs I have applied to, I decided that maybe I should start looking for something freelance. This is not a steady job, but it’s better that nothing. 

In a newspaper article I was able to find a few websites to help find freelance jobs. I looked through all the suggested sites and bookmarked the one’s that offered jobs I can do. Now I have to sit down, put my best work together so I can showcase what I can do. Obviously my blog will be in there with what I can do and my experience writing. This is the only writing I have after I graduated four years ago so let’s see if this impresses anybody.

I will take a break from job hunting tomorrow to do this because I’m tired of just waiting for somebody to call. I don’t know how many applications and emails I have sent and I still don’t have one response and I can’t be jobless for much longer. I have been saving my money but I still have things to pay, like doctors and loans.




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