Today, as I was looking for more freelance jobs, something came over me and I decided to go after that internship I applied to this weekend. I called them because they had shown interest but never called me. Turns out they had been calling me, at the wrong number.

After I gave them my correct number, and talking for a while about the company and the position, I got it! They will be sending me more information soon.

I’m still trying to understand what happened and what I was thinking because I am usually scared to do that sort of thing. If they haven’t called me or said anything else I don’t pick up the phone and call, but for some reason today I did and I think that simple decision will bring some very good things to my life. I will be writing, writing for an audience, a bigger audience than my blog or anything else I have ever written. This can bring some very big and positive changes to my life and I am so happy. This is what I have been waiting for, a chance to write about what I love, to share it with a big audience, to work with likeminded people, and to learn from them.

I got an internship, I have two puppies and today I am officially one year and eight months seizure free!!!!! 



2 thoughts on “I got an internship!

  1. You go, girl! Call. Always call. That’s what my Mom used to tell me. The wrong phone thing happens a lot and you also reminded them of yourself and let them know how interested you were in their internship.

    One year and eight months seizure free! Wonderful news, Kiki. Congratulations, sweetie.


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