I just noticed I haven’t had time to write since Thursday and it’s Sunday. I have been really tired, having two puppies in my life is exhausting; I love them but it takes a lot of time, especially when you’re trying to train them. It takes a lot of time, from cleaning the Pipi Pads and the floor, to making sure they have water and food.

There is always time to rest because puppies sleep a lot, but I still need to get organized and use that quiet time to write, not watch TV. I’ll be forced to do this now that I’ll be starting my internship this week.

I already sent them the first assignment early, so I think I’m fine for now, but I will be getting a response pretty soon, after which I will have to begin writing. I have no problem with this, I’m actually waiting pretty anxiously to get my first writing assignment and get started. When I hear what I need to write about this week I plan to get started right away so it’s done well and on time.

I am looking forward to everything I have to do now, taking care of my puppies and working on what I have to do for my internship. So far it all looks like it’s going to go well, with the puppies and the internship, I hope it all continues to go that way, but I will keep letting you all know how this all goes.



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