I hope everyone had a good Christmas Day!

Today, it felt really special to see my puppies enjoying their first Christmas playing with presents my brother got them, but it’s even greater seeing them fighting over the same toy, when they got three toys, one squishy for each and a set of chewable Christmas lights that light up every time you touch it.


We weren’t able to take them to my grandparents’ house on Christmas Day, even though we were celebrating Christmas there because it would have been too much for them to take, they would have eaten all the presents and someone would have to watch them outside, it would have just been a mess, and Abuela doesn’t like messes. But this morning my mom had the great idea to take them over there so they could run around in the backyard. I was scared Abuela would  be mad, especially about bringing them over there without her permission; I asked Abuelo and he said we could bring them, but I didn’t know if she knew.

When we got to their house it was raining a little so the backyard didn’t seem like a good idea. It took me by surprise that abuela said we could let them run in the hallway… like… inside her house. I never thought I would hear her say those words, but she did. I always think I have her all figured out and then she says something like that, something totally unexpected coming from her, and that’s one of the many reasons she’s the best.

The girls had an amazing time running around the backyard today, and Mami and I had an amazing time teaming up and running around behind them so they wouldn’t escape through a fence or got anywhere they weren’t supposed to. They smelled everything, inspected everything, jumped to and from places we didn’t think they could, and when they discovered grass they were the happiest girls. I haven’t seen them run so happily and free.







When we got in the car to come home, Indy was so tired she laid down on the floor and slept the hole way home, but Sandy kept asking to sit on my lap. I don’t want her to get used to sitting on my lap every time we get in the car and I made the mistake of wearing shorts to abuela’s house. They scratched my legs with their long nails the whole ride over there, I felt like they cats scratching their nails all over my legs.When we got home they went into their bed without complaining, and very quickly went to sleep.


Our trip today was a success, even with the rain we got them out of the house, they had fun and abuelo and abuela finally met them.


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