I’m home!

Last night I saw Puerto Rico from the airplane as I came back home. It was hard to tell were we were because I only saw little patches of light, I couldn't tell we were already flying over Puerto Rico.I knew we were here when I saw the metropolitan area in San Juan, most of … Continue reading I’m home!


5 years

May year 5 be as great and as seizure free as this one. Well, more if I can stay seizure free for the whole year. Well, I did stay seizure free and it was a great year, take a look at what else happened this year: I was able to complete one masters class and … Continue reading 5 years

Sandy and Indy meet “el patio”

I hope everyone had a good Christmas Day! Today, it felt really special to see my puppies enjoying their first Christmas playing with presents my brother got them, but it's even greater seeing them fighting over the same toy, when they got three toys, one squishy for each and a set of chewable Christmas lights … Continue reading Sandy and Indy meet “el patio”