Las fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian is a festival that lasts four days, held on the third weekend of January every year. It originated in the 1950’s for a few years but was brought back to life in the 1970’s.

What started as a small event has now become one of the biggest, if not the biggest party of the year in Puerto Rico. The party that originated in a street has now become a 4 day event held in all of Old San Juan. People go to eat, to buy stuff from the artisans, to be with friends, to celebrate, to have a good time. Despite all the eating, you walk a lot at las fiestas, so you don’t have to feel bad about eating so much, at least I don’t. This year’s festival is being held this weekend; it started on Thursday but will go on until Sunday.

But getting back to my story, this morning we headed out to San Juan to get there early; we wanted to get there early and leave early. It was very nice because surprisingly the weather has been cool (high 70’s to low 80’s), so all the walking under the sun (it was really sunny) wasn’t that bad.

We went, we saw a few people we know, we got the souvenirs we usually get; a bracelet and a t-shirt, and we saw really cute, handmade leather dog collars and name tags, which we had been looking for (not looking for anything hand made, just new collars and leaches). These were original, handmade by artisans.


After we had lunch, we had already seen everything we wanted to see, we saw it getting more crowded, and were getting tired so we decided to go home. We went home early, but we saw did everything on our list like eat a bacalaito and drink a piragua,  and we had a very good time.

#sanse2017 check_green




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