As we were leaving old San Juan yesterday a little after lunch hour, we tried to find somewhere to have lunch. Among all the restaurants in San Juan, most of them serving Puerto Rican food, we ended up in Istanbul. As you may figure by the name, Istanbul is a Turkish restaurant.

Here, their menu consists of Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine. These may not be your typical Puerto Rican dishes but the tasty meat and white rice have some similarities to our favorite dishes. I think they have the freshest and best hummus I’ve had and the best pita bread, which they serve as part of all the dishes I’ve had there.

This time I had the Ottoman Casserole in which they stir fry either lamb, chicken or steak with mushrooms and garlic and serve it in an iron pan with white rice and pita bread. If you’re mouth isn’t watering right now, my description didn’t do it justice because it is awesome.

This is not what I expected to eat this weekend while we were at old San Juan, I was ready to eat mofongo, but it was very nice eating something out of the ordinary for me; besides I just had mofongo tonight. I can have Puerto Rican dishes anywhere I go, they now sell rice and beans in some American chain restaurants too, but I can’t have Ottoman Casserole with pita bread everywhere. And I had my serving of Puerto Rican food anyway with that huge bacalaito, bigger than a dinner plate, that I had earlier at the fiestas.

Here is the link for the article I wrote for FeedMe: Wait, hablemos de Istanbul Restaurant


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