For some reason, it’s harder reading about my accident from someone else’s point of view, even though I’ve read the article and I know what happened but the more I read, talk and write about it, the easier it gets.


Unstoppable María

Only a few months after I got to Puerto Rico after my TBI, a journalist came to see my therapies one day. She witnessed what my day in therapy was like, talking to me, my mom, and my therapists.

This was my first chance to share my story with the world, or at least the island. It gave me the chance to be recognized, not by people who know someone who told them about me, but by someone who read the article. I felt so happy to be in the newspaper, even if I wasn’t writing. How many people get the chance to have two pages written about them in one of the most read newspapers in Puerto Rico? With pictures and everything? And then be recognized by people who read it? And hopefully made some difference in someone’s life?

It’s an honor to be told the newspaper want’s to…

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