I went to an interview today, I was ready, I was confident when I got called for the interview; I still couldn’t believe it but I thought I was ok. This is something I really want to do, it’s a chance I really want, doing something that I have been wanting for a long time. This would give me a chance to be part of the team that puts together three magazines in Puerto Rico. I know I still have more to learn but what better learning experience than this? 

But just like any other interview day, I was nervous, very nervous and I kept getting more nervous as other applicants kept arriving for interviews. I only saw four other applicants  by the time I left, but who knows if anyone came after I left, how many positions they wanted to fill and all of their credentials.

It also threw me off when the interviewer told me that they weren’t sure if the internship paid but he also said that it could later lead to a job. The interview was short, I hope I answered all the questions correctly or at least what he wanted to hear.

I am really not sure how it went but just being considered is a good sign, it shows that my resume showed them something they liked and decided to give me a chance. Let’s hope I didn’t let them down today.

Wish me good luck!







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