Don’t we all have one of those days once in a while? A day when you feel like you’re not all there, like you should have just kept sleeping or you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed?

I had one of those yesterday and I don’t know why; I got enough sleep, I took all my pills, something just wasn’t right. First I tried to make oatmeal, the kind you make in the microwave but I messed that up, then I burned some mozzarella sticks sauce to the bowl. I had never heard of anybody doing that, but I managed to do that by putting it in the microwave for eight minutes, not seconds. After my disastrous microwave cooking I dropped one of my dogs’ food bowls and broke it; of course I was barefoot at the time and got a little tiny piece on one of my toes which now hurts when I walk. Later noticed I also scraped my hand.

I don’t know what this was but I slept more than 8 hours and took all my medicine in the morning so it wasn’t some sort of weird aura telling me a seizure was coming; but I was afraid of that for a while. Maybe I was still tired from waking up early on Thursday, who knows?

I spent all day blaming it all on the brain injury and yes, sometimes my short attention span it due to that, but other times I have to accept that I’m human and I have always been a little forgetful sometimes. I have been doing a lot better in this area because it had been a long time, at least I don’t remember the last time that something like this happened to me. Maybe knowing that I am more prone to this now has made me more aware that this will happen or maybe it’s the Ritalin working it’s magic.


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