When I decided to start looking for work as a freelance writer I just thought I had to say I was a freelance writer. I forgot about the part where people need to see my work to know I’m a writer and to know what kind of work I can do, like a portfolio. 

I just started taking a 6-day class by Elna Cain and today’s lesson was about setting up your portfolio, why you need it, where and how to display it, etc. I thought people could just look at my blog and that’s it, and I guess they can because right now the only way to know I’m trying to work as a freelance writer is through my blog, but I need to do something to get the word out.

I think my LinkedIn profile would be a good place to announce it, as well a Twitter and Facebook. Te first thing I need to do tomorrow is star working on my portfolio. I have a portfolio but I made it in college as a class assignment, I don’t really think that would get me any clients.

Here is a link to my old portfolio but I will make a new one:  https://mariacristinasanfeliu.wordpress.com/

I think I have some pretty good stuff, let’s see if that can be enough to land me a freelance job.


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