Unstoppable María is two years old today!

Can you beleive it? I still can’t believe it, really, sometimes I think I started this last year, because I have had so much fun writing. I get reminders of old posts almost every day, both on Facebook and Timehop.

This year I hope to bring more changes and surprises, beginning with starting my career as a freelance writer, for which I have been doing research. I don’t want to jump into this blindfolded, not knowing what to do, so I have been reading and looking for pieces to include. I already started talking about this, but more changes are coming. Today I started putting my portfolio together; it’s not finished but I want to have it ready by the end of the  week, hopefully tomorrow. I want to learn more about blogging to keep creating fun and entertaining posts.

Thank you all for helping me keep Unstoppable Maria alive and believing in myself as a writer. You are all great! Stick around for more changes coming as we begin our third year.







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