Getting a treadmill

I started doing some very serious, in depth research on a very important topic that may change the way my parents and I live our lives. I am very excited to embark on this journey so I decided to jump right in and learn as much as a could about treadmills. We have decided we … Continue reading Getting a treadmill

Solo- No spoilers, I promise

I just realized yesterday that Solo: A Star Wars story was opening last night, I completely forgot, but I immediately contacted a very close source I have who never fails to find a way to get me into movies on opening night. Last three Star Wars movies and I don't remember how many Avengers, all … Continue reading Solo- No spoilers, I promise

About my first phone interview

I have a lot of experience with job interviews, different types of interviews. Once I went to a group interview, an interview where I was given what looked like a quiz, I had lunch during an interview, have been interviewed by more then one person at once, I thought I had seen everything. but today … Continue reading About my first phone interview

Nothing bad comes from bread

Tonight, as we were walking our dogs,, there was this van pulling out of the driveway of a hotel. Out of nowhere the man stops the van and asks us, do you want bread?" What? What kind of random question is that? I mean, if you ask my mom and me obviously the answer is … Continue reading Nothing bad comes from bread

The new doctor

Being treated at a university hospital, you doctors keep changing as they graduate. In less than four years being treated there, I have been through 5 different doctors, today I met the 6th. It's been an interesting ride so far, all of them bringing different things to the table. I have been very happy with … Continue reading The new doctor