Yesterday I met a new friend, Gabo. Gabo is an amazing human being and in just three hours he taught me so much, because he is not afraid of what will they say? He knows what he wants and he just goes out and does it, like his job. How did he get it? He met the mayor of San Juan and told him “I want to work for you, I will work for you some day”. Well guess what? His employees took his number, called him two days later and today he has a job in San Juan. That’s the kind of spirit we should all have, the spirit of a go getter, the spirit of going out there and getting things done.

I thought it was so inspiring how Gabo, not only respects people and has manners but also asks for respect. He knows he should be treated with the same respect as everybody else and he asks for it.

His confidence really made me think, what have I been doing? I talk so much about being unstoppable but I’m still without a job because I don’t go out there with an attitude that says I will work with you, but more like will you please consider letting me work for you? Who gives that girl a chance? Well let me tell you, no one, and when I get the guts to ask to get paid, it’s denied.

After meeting and talking to Gabo, I saw that there’s no need to be afraid. What am I afraid of, them saying no? Well, they’re already saying no, so I have to go out there and show them that I am an educated woman, I am a hard worker, challenges don’t scare me,  and I’m always willing to learn.

We can all learn a lot from Gabo about working hard, not being afraid, not judging, not letting others disrespect you, and most of all being a very friendly and welcoming person.

Don’t stop being yourself, Gabo! The world needs more happy, positive and brave people like you.


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